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Network Infrastructure

How well do you manage your routers, firewalls, switches, servers, load-balancers, storage and local area networks? 

KCP provides up-to-date solutions to ensure the integrity of your network infrastructure so that the services involved in providing data and communication are reliable, effective, and secured. We tailor our solutions to your budget and requirements without compromising on quality.

Applications include:

  • Office Data Network Solutions
  • Back of House Hotel Infrastructure
  • Multi-sites Solutions by Direct Link or VPNs
  • Cloud Architecture for Network Management
  • Storage Solutions

Wi-Fi Networks

Whether you charge for wireless internet access or provide it as a free service, the best way to encourage guests to come back is to provide a good quality Wi-Fi service. 

You will have uninterrupted signal wherever you are within the property. We cover your entire site with Wi-Fi and, by creating heat maps, we can find those hard to reach areas and ensure they receive the same access to Wi-Fi and the best possible signal.

KCP’s network solutions allow you to connect your business and products to your Wi-Fi, secure them with your own managed passwords or RADIUS servers and update them as needed. We use the latest technology and protocols to give you peace of mind.

CCTV Infrastructure

Today, it is vital to take security seriously and to carefully select the best fit for you and your business.

Whether you are looking to install a new CCTV system or upgrade the one you currently have, KCP is committed to installing specialised solutions using the latest CCTV equipment. We provide fully customisable options that may be securely accessed from anywhere in the world. 

Audio Visual Integration

The right sound leaves no doubt about it and can have a large influence on your business. KCP installs intelligent Audio-Visual systems that allow you to access all your media from every inch of the building. You can also tailor the selection of music, or films, for each individual room within the property and effortlessly control quality, volume and duration. 


The better your TV offering, the happier your customers will be. Despite the increase in entertainment options that customers can now access through technology, television is still a primary entertainment. KCP provides complete solutions for in-room and more, with entertainment and digital signage designed to enhance customer experience.

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